APSN Operations

The network aims to reach a large number of people through direct email communication and the newsletter Tattler, now produced in three languages; English, Chinese and Indonesian. We encourage assistance with the production of newsletters and web pages in other languages relevant to the Asia Pacific region.

Training program in Sumatra in partnership with Wetlands Interantional. Image: © 2007 APSN. Press image for enlargement.

The network will continue to expand and will conduct training workshops and regional meetings in association with ‘member’ groups and individuals.

The Network will facilitate information exchange on:

  • banding and reporting resighting/recoveries of colour-flagged and banded birds
  • collation of information to produce maps of the migratory routes of shorebirds in the Flyways
  • maps can be placed on the APSN website
  • production of shorebird Communication, Education and Public Awareness (CEPA) materials and programs
  • information exchange on shorebird management techniques
  • provide training courses on shorebird identification and survey techniques
  • support surveys to identify sites of importance for shorebirds in the Asia Pacific
  • lobby relevant governments for the conservation and sustainable use of important shorebird sites
  • mentoring of shorebird workers.

If you are interested in participating in the Asia-Pacific Shorebird Network, please contact Phil Straw philstraw@shorebird-network.net.