APSN Education

Education is extremely important if we want to ensure the future conservation of shorebirds for future generations. The future looks bleak for many species and their habitats.

Guandu Wetland Education Centre, Taipei. Image: © 2007 APSN. Press image for enlargement.

The trouble is not enough people know about this. Education can start in schools, international and regional NGOs, wetland education centres or through your local group – or you as an individual.

The Asia Pacific Shorebird Network works through our associated organisations such as Wetlands Link International (WLI) who network wetland education centres throughout the Asia Pacific and other parts of the world.

APSN is able to provide expertise to organisations such as WLI through its large network of shorebird experts and wetlands managers.

WLI seeks to:

  • encourage and support exchange of information and innovation at wetland education centres
  • advocate for, and assist in, the development of new wetland education centres throughout the world
  • improve the effectiveness of operations and learning at wetland education centres through training and expertise exchange with organisations such as the APSN
  • lobby for the greater inclusion of communication, education and public awareness (CEPA) for sustainable development within wetland-related conservation programmes at national, regional and global levels.