October 25th, 2010

Birds Korea Blueprint for South Korea’s Yellow Sea coast.

The Birds Korea Blueprint 2010 is 160 pages, with over 200 spectacular images, including those by renowned photographers Richard Chandler (of Shorebirds of the Northern Hemisphere etc) , and Jan van de Kam (of Invisible Connections etc), as well as a host of domestic and overseas members.

The Blueprint provides useful information on key species and key sites divided into three main habitats:

  • Intertidal wetland (now down to less than 30% due to landfill and development);
  • open sea areas (including the largest Swinhoe’s Storm Petrel colonies in the world, and count data from seabird at sea transects); and,
  • islands – with some passage migrant count data and insights into two specialist breeders.
In addition to Birds Korea’s own information and data from the Republic of Korea Yellow Sea Blueprint Region, articles have been generously contributed by a range of experts and organisations on subjects ranging from the East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership to Alaskan-breeding Yellow-billed Loon migration, to the growing and massive threat to the Flyway’s Red Knots through “reclamation” of the northern part of the Yellow Sea (Bohai Bay in China).

It is intended to include a review of the status of the ROK’s west coast Ramsar sites and IBAs, in time for sharing with participants of the IUCN World Congress 2012, to be held here in the Republic of Korea.

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